2 190° Fahrenheit


Galleria Arcipèlago is thrilled to present a collective exhibition exploring the fascinating theme of volcanoes, one of the most spectacular and inspiring manifestations of nature. 2190° Fahrenheit is a geological contemplation from the depths of the Earth to the vastness of an incandescent cloud. Magma, lava, sulphur, basalt, molten rock, ashes, but also the green shades of the fertile plains, the opaque fog, the bloody lights of the craters. This show is an invitation to approach this gargantuan flux of energy that lives under our feet and explore the hypnotic mineral world, the one that lives, the one that blasts.

With paintings by Francesco Poiana, sculptures by Sonia Armellin, photographs by Gaia Cantarutti, Luigi Chiapolino, Vittorio Franzolini, Antonio Raciti, Max Rommel, Bartolomeo Rossi, Omar Sartor; historical document from the early 20th century, video archives of vulcanologists Maurice and Katia Krafft.

A catalogue has been published on this occasion, with a contribution by Clive Oppenheimer, British volcanologist, Professor of Volcanology in the Department of Geography of the University of Cambridge and co-writer with Werner Herzog of documentary “Into the Inferno”.