Visual Notes

What lies behind an artwork? A painting, a sculpture or any piece of art entails a study, an observation and a conceptual elaboration. The eye is the organ with the most rooted connection in the central nervous system, responsible for the reception of the light stimuli that are generating the visual experience .

The observation and the study of the phenomenal reality is the first feeling that we perceive of the surrounding world: the first impression of an object absorbed by the eye is deposited in the mind, thus generating a thought. The creative process develops from the notes, from the idea recorded on the support; the intimate connection between abstract idea and actual picture takes place at this moment.

Many artists and designers are taking notes before they start to work on the real opus. Many of these artists have left a great legacy of precious and significant sketchbooks, which are often the key to understanding the complexity of their work.

In my case, the sketchbooks are the biographical diary of my life. They are a constant of my journey, essential company and a means of understanding nature of my work. I draw my perception in order to understand it and arrange it in the library of experience. They are often also a repository of fears and chimeras that can only survive only on the paper; in this never- ending research I get an ephemeral satisfaction and an urgent desire to find a solution. In accordance with this method, my approach is to start with small open-air studies and photographs, immersed in the actual situation as a protagonist / observer of the contemporary world where shapes and colour are creating the nature of perception.


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